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Guide To Rental Property Business Credit Report

“Guide To Rental Property Business Credit Report” Businesses are like people in some ways. Just like us, they can receive credit reports the same way individuals do. Like any other individual, business owners can also check their business’s credit report...


Tips on Becoming a Landlord in Ohio

“Tips on Becoming a Landlord in Ohio” It doesn’t matter if you’re renting out big or small rental property. What is important in becoming a landlord in Ohio is that you’re a good landlord.  If you’re a good landlord, you’ll definitely get outstanding...

Why Contract Rental Form is Needed

“Why Contract Rental Form is Needed” Have you ever wondered why a rental contract form is needed? This is one thing a lot of first-time landlords tend to ask. Some of them even think that it’s a waste of time. After all, you can just have a verbal rental...


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