“Easy Guide On How To Become A Rental Property Owner”

Do you want to know how to become a rental property owner?

 You wouldn’t be alone if you do. Many business-minded people want to invest in rental businesses now. 

 That’s because this type of business can generate good profit. That being said, being a rental property owner is more than just accepting tenants and collecting rent.

 There’s a lot of work to do before you can earn your first profits from this business. Fortunately for you, I’ll give you a primer on those tasks to speed up the process a little.

 In today’s blog post, I’ll talk about how to become a rental property owner. This will give you an idea of how to become a rental property owner with a successful business.

How to Become a Rental Property Owner 

Becoming a landlord is easier now than in the past decade. A lot of the tasks involved (particularly document-wise) are simpler thanks to current technology.

Modern technology also makes it easier to advertise rental property and find the right tenants. It can even make monitoring the property easier — CCTV is easy to set up now, after all.

There are some things you still need to do manually, of course. 

For example, most of the setup and preliminary research is stuff you need to take time to learn or think out yourself. You can’t just plug the answers to that sort of thing into your brain.

But as I said earlier, I can make things easier for you by giving you a guide to those tasks. Here, I’ll show you the right process on how to become a rental property owner.

Plan Your Rental Property Business

The first step in answering how to become a rental property owner is to plan your business. Particularly, you must decide what type of rental property business you’re going to open.

That means you need to decide if it’s for residential or commercial purposes. This is a huge decision because it will determine your business plan.

The right type of rental property business depends on your property or capital. If you already have property, think if it’s suitable for residential or commercial purposes.

Be careful in making a decision. If you want to know how to become a rental property business owner, you need to be wise in making a choice between these options

To help you, here’s the difference between commercial and residential properties.

Commercial Properties 

If you have a spacious property (especially one in a busy city), you can open a commercial property for rent.

However, opening a commercial property requires large amounts of money. You need it to install amenities like a fast Internet connection, security system, and maintenance.

You also need a large parking lot to accommodate clients or customers of your business tenants.

Residential Properties 

You don’t need to have a large property to open a residential property business. Even an old but well-maintained house can be rented out.

You just need to determine if your tenants are students, single workers, or families. This helps you think about how you’re going to manage the rental space.

Buying a Property 

If you don’t have a property yet, try consulting a real estate agent. They can help you find the best property for your business.

In this case, you can determine beforehand what type of rental property you’ll be running. You can tell the real estate agent to look for either a commercial or residential property.

Be sure that you pick the type you really want to run. Knowing the type of property that you’re going to purchase is an important factor in how to become a rental property owner

Know How Rental Property Works

Every blog post about how to become a rental property owner will tell you this. You need to learn how a rental property business works to run one yourself.

You can’t just advertise a rental property and start finding and accepting tenants. You might make mistakes that way, like violating rental laws. 

You should study how the rental business works to avoid making costly errors of that sort.

To do that, start by studying the typical business model of a rental property business. Dissect its parts, its mechanisms, and all its particularities.

There are many sources on the Internet that can give you a detailed explanation of how to open a rental property business. I’ve written a lot of posts on the topic myself!

Keep in mind that the process of how to become a rental property owner is not easy. You will have to put in quite a bit of work just to prepare for it.

So be sure to check out my other blog posts on this topic, among other sources. Doing this will give you an idea of what you’ll be in for as a rental property owner.

Free up Time to Be a Rental Property Owner 

Being a rental property owner is not like a day job where you will work for only 8 hours a day. Depending on how you set up your property, this may even require more of your time.

You need to know that if you want to learn how to become a rental property owner — you’ll need to set aside a good chunk of your time to cater to your tenants.

If you’re a rental property owner, you should be available 24/7. You are required to attend to the needs of your tenants, after all.

If there’s something that needs to be fixed immediately, for example, you need to do it right away. 

If you have multiple units and tenants, you may even be called to arbitrate between disputes among them, on occasion.

With that said, be sure that you’re committed to the job before you start a rental property business. That’s how to become a rental property owner successfully.

Get Help from Real Estate Professionals

The fastest way on how to become a rental property owner is by getting help from real estate professionals.

These are usually people who have experience in being a landlord. They can give you an idea of how you can run a rental property business properly.

There are other professionals you may want to consult too, though. For example, there are lawyers who specialize in rental law.

These are actually indispensable to people trying to learn how to become a rental property owner. They’ll help you with the paperwork and process of registering your rental property business.

Rental lawyers can give you knowledge of what you can and cannot do as a rental property owner. They can also give you an idea of how to improve and maintain your rental property.

Consulting local engineers may also help you on how to become a rental property owner. They can give you an idea of the building codes in your area.

Building codes that you need to follow may differ from one area to another. That’s why you may need to consult professionals like engineers for this subject

You could face legal consequences if you fail to follow building codes in your area. Ignoring laws is not the best answer to how to become a rental property owner.

Determine Potential Tenants and Advertise Property 

Another thing you need to know how to become a rental property owner is finding your target market. You can achieve success easily if you have the right tenants.

The type of tenants you may get depends on your property type as well as location. You may want to do some market research to get a better handle on your target demographic.

Once you’ve identified your target tenants, you can start advertising to them. The sooner you do this, the better — because you want to limit the amount of time your property is vacant.

If you want to know how to become a rental property owner, you should take note there are 2 ways to advertise your business.

You can use traditional advertisement for your rental property. You can post on billboards and distribute flyers in your community and include ads in newspapers.

The traditional ways of advertising are effective in reaching nearby potential tenants. However, this method is also costly.

Having that in mind, it’s best to try online advertising as well. This method is cheaper than the traditional ways of advertising rental properties.

Online advertising can also help you get tenants immediately. Many people use the Internet to find what they are looking for nowadays — including rental spaces.

You can post vacancies on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. But there are also websites dedicated to rental listings.

To give you an idea, here are some websites where you can post your rental listings:

Knowing those websites is also important if you want to learn how to become a rental property owner.

Know How to Properly Choose Tenants

The process of how to become a rental property owner, includes learning how to choose the right tenants.

The future of your rental property business depends on your tenants. If you have good tenants, there’s a high chance that you can achieve success quickly.

But if you have bad tenants, they can only bring problems that could hinder the progress and success of your rental property business.

With that said, you must filter your potential tenants. To do that, make your tenant fill out a rental application form.

Your tenant must submit a rental application form before you accept them.  This helps you see which applicants are capable of paying rent and taking care of the property. 

Also, rental owners can’t just hand-pick tenants for their properties. According to the law, your decision on choosing tenants shouldn’t be based on the following:

  • Race or color,
  • National origin,
  • Religion,
  • Sex,
  • Familial status, and
  • Disability.

That’s a note to remember if you want to know how to become a rental property owner.

In addition to that, there’s a right process of choosing tenants. Contact your rental lawyer to know the exact process in your area.

Usually, you must conduct a tenant screening process. This is needed to ensure that the potential tenant is a good renter.

The tenant screening process will give you information about the potential tenant’s background and credit history.

If you want to know how to become a rental property owner, you need to learn the tenant screening process. That’s because the information you get from there will be useful.

The result of the tenant screening process will you an idea if the potential tenant can pay rent on time. It can even say if the applicant has a clean rental history and criminal record.

Since you’re just starting to know how to become a rental property owner, don’t force yourself to do the tenant screening process by yourself. You can hire a tenant screening company to handle the process for you.

Study the Eviction and Move Out Process

We are talking about how to become a rental property owner so I’ll also tell you the proper eviction and moveout process.

Here’s the thing — you can’t just remove a tenant from their rented property. There’s a right process for it.

Contact your rental lawyer for this. But to put it succinctly, the eviction must be caused by a valid reason.

To give you an idea about that, here are the usual and valid reasons tenants are evicted:

  • Failure to pay rent.
  • Too much damage to the property is made.
  • Violates the terms and agreement for renting the property.
  • Drug or health and safety-related crimes are committed.
  • Repeated disturbances and police reports concerning the tenant and the rental.

If you want to remove or evict a tenant, always get help from your rental lawyer. Ask them for advice and get help in making an eviction notice.

This is another important thing to know about how to become a rental property owner.

The notice should explain the reason the tenant is about to be evicted. It also needs to include the possible solution to prevent the eviction.

If the tenant fails to solve the problem, you can then proceed with the eviction process.

The eviction will then typically be brought to court. If you win the case, you can remove the tenant with the help of the authorities.

Final Thoughts on Becoming a Rental Property Owner

In this blog post, I talked about how to become a rental property owner.

The process of becoming a rental owner is now easier than in the past decade. You can get everything you need to know through the Internet.

You can use it to research just about all aspects of the rental business. It may even help you decide which type of rental property to open, as well as how to prepare for the tasks expect of a rental property owner.

You can also get help from real estate professionals like rental lawyers. Furthermore, you can do market research to identify your target tenants.

Once you know what you’re going to do and how the rental business works, that’s when you can start advertising vacancies.

When advertising your property, you can try the traditional ways of doing it along with online marketing. This can help you find your tenants quickly.

Once you get tenant applicants coming in, you can then do tenant screening. This helps you have the best tenants for your property.

You should prepare too for possibilities like evictions when you’re running your business. You can consult a rental lawyer for assistance with this because there are legal considerations to it.

And that’s about it for the most important things to learn for how to become a rental property owner! If you have more questions on how to become a rental property owner, leave them in the comments below.




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