“What To Include In A Rental Agreement PDF”

Want to have a more convenient rental agreement process?

Property leasing only starts when an applicant signs an agreement. And an agreement comes with a lot of do’s and don’ts that you and the applicant have to agree on.

Hashing through those can be a long and tiring process. You’ll probably have to go through a series of revisions if you’ve never made a rental agreement before.

But it’s only important that you exert effort in your rental agreement. Especially if you want to have a successful and hassle-free leasing.

That’s where creating a rental agreement PDF will help. It can reduce the long and tiring process by producing a soft copy that is handier than the traditional one.

In this article, we’ll talk about the essential parts of a rental agreement PDF.

Essential Parts of a Rental Agreement PDF

A property manager needs to invest time in creating a legitimate and dependable rental agreement PDF.

If you seek to have a good result in the leasing process, take all essential parts included in a PDF seriously.

Here are the basic parts of a rental agreement you need to be knowledgeable about.

Basic Parts of a Rental Agreement

The basic parts of a rental agreement must include the complete names of all tenants and your complete name for the lessor.

After this, you need to provide a summary of the rental property, stating the address and a brief description of the property.

Take note that a lot of rental agreement PDF experts will advise you to go ahead and make the description more detailed than otherwise.

That means adding a description of both the exterior and interior of the premises being rented.

Wondering why? Well, it’s so that both parties in a tenancy have a guide for how the premises should be left at the end of the rental term.

You must also include the subjects of the rental agreement, especially the amount of rent to be collected and the duration of the tenancy.

Rental Terms of the Agreement

The subject of the rental agreement PDF clearly includes the exact amount of rent. A security deposit (if applicable) must be stated as well.

Highlight the payment process in the rental agreement PDF. It should specify when and how the payment will be made.

In addition, you also need to write the names of all tenants who will occupy the property.

Duration of the Rental Agreement

A rental agreement PDF must transparently include the duration of the lease term. The duration of the leasing term should have the exact start date right after all processes are done.

The agreement should also include the end date of the rental agreement. The duration must be properly observed by both parties with respect to the agreement.

After successfully providing all basic parts of a rental agreement, you should now create the terms and conditions that the tenant must abide by.

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

The terms and conditions in the rental agreement PDF include rules set for both parties that they must abide by.

As the property manager, you must create terms and conditions that are executable by the tenants.

Consider also the ways you will orient the tenants with the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The following are some important terms and conditions you need to set in the rental agreement PDF.

Repairs and Maintenance

Under repairs and maintenance in the rental agreement PDF, you must indicate the tenant’s responsibility to keep the rental premises clean.

The property manager must also inform the tenants of any parts of the rental property that may be unseen but in a dangerous condition.

Furthermore, you should use this section to clearly set forth the right of the tenant to raise concerns regarding any repair to make in the property.

Other Restrictions

This section talks about other important rules that both parties should follow.

One of the restrictions is the pet policy. State your approval of having pets in your property by making it visible in the rental agreement PDF.

Include also the limit of time a tenant’s guests can stay in the property in the rental agreement PDF.

You can set a specific time for the visitor’s stay on your property. The usual stay is not more than 2 weeks in any six-month period.

This is mostly up to you, though. You may also want to include a clause that lets you specify otherwise, i.e. one that lets you suspend that clause at your discretion.

Other restrictions include the subletting clause. You need to specify if tenants are allowed to sublet the property without your permission.

If possible, indicate the exact payment for violating this clause. Some rental agreement PDF examples even indicate the termination of the tenancy as an outcome of violating a no-subletting clause.

This may be the ideal space to set down your terms for parking too. Parking restrictions and regulations are common nowadays as parking space gets more precious.

You may want to allocate only a specific number of parking spaces to each tenant if your property comes with a parking lot. This may nip arguments over it in the bud.

Agreement for the Utilities and Furniture

This clause should specify the utilities, furniture, and common tools that will be included in the lease agreement.

In this clause, a property manager usually extends to the tenant the right to use certain furniture and fixtures.

State whether you will allow the tenant to use your existing furniture. If not, then clearly state that too.

Also, note the fees and payment for utilities and who has the responsibility to pay for what in the rental agreement PDF.

Final Thoughts on Rental Agreement PDF Creation

In this blog, I shared with you the clauses you can include in a rental agreement PDF. You must be knowledgeable of these things to have an effective rental agreement.

The highlight of the article includes the basic parts of a rental agreement PDF and these are the following:

  • The complete names of all tenants.
  • A summary of the rental property.
  • The subject of the rental agreement.
  • Duration of the agreement.

It’s important to make sure that you won’t forget to set the terms and conditions under your rental agreement PDF.

It’s a good idea to put in order all the necessary information beforehand to create a valuable rental lease agreement template.

Now, you can confidently start drafting your own rental agreement PDF. All you need to do is follow the advice I’ve given you in this article.

If you have further questions about how to make a rental lease agreement PDF, you can leave a comment below.



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Article: What To Include In A Rental Agreement PDF

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