“Property Manager’s Guide To An Outstanding Tenancy Services”

What represents outstanding customer service to a tenant?

In every business, customer service is a top priority. The same can be said for property management businesses. Tenants are the customers and being able to fulfill their needs can impact the success of your business.

And since the property manager is responsible for profit, then be default they are responsible for providing tenancy services.

If you want to be more successful as a property manager, it’s important that you keep yourself updated with the best tips to help you out stand in your service. Being able to provide tenants with outstanding tenancy services result in higher retention rates and increased lease renewals.

In this article, we will discuss various tips to ensure that you can provide nothing but the best services to your tenants.

A Guide to An Excellent Tenancy Services

Filling vacancies and maintaining properties aren’t the only responsibilities of a property manager. Property managers must also be able to ensure that they are constantly generating revenue for their properties. However, when properties are completely full of tenants the most important part of a property managers job is to ensure that all tenants are happy.

Ensuring that all of your tenants are happy can sometimes mean bending over backwards to do the best that you can to resolve their needs and issues. This means life running a property management company is never dull, or easy. However, providing excellent tenancy services can make all the difference to keeping your properties full.

Points to Know about Tenancy Services

Offering good customer service to your tenants is a top priority. The happier and more satisfied your tenants are, the lower the tenant turnovers will be.

So, how do you assure good tenant customer service?

While there are many ways to maintain a good relationship with them, here are some of the surefire ways to do so.

Ensure Effective Communication with your Tenant

When meeting your tenants for the first time, showing the rental, and then signing a lease it is important to establish the preferred communication method for both parties about issues that might occur during the rental of the property. Communication can make or break your relationship with your tenant.

To be effective in communicating, you need to do the following:

  • Always respond to any tenant request in a reasonable amount of time normally within 48 hrs for minor issues and immediately or within hours for emergency issues
  • No matter how big or small the concern, response time should be within a few hours on a normal basis so you can establish a later time to resolve the issue if needed.
  • Allow the tenant to have 24hr access to your contractor or maintenance people to ensure that all emergencies are addressed immediately.

Tenants should feel that if they need you, you’re easy to reach and communicate with. This open communication will make them feel more at ease and secure.

Here are some tips on how to ensure effective communication with your tenants.

Detailed Agreement and Expectations

When signing and negotiating the rental lease agreement, you must be detailed regarding communication between you and the tenant, and explained well. You also need to make sure that tenants agree to terms and conditions of their lease agreement so they understand your responsibilities and ways to communicate issues to your company in a proper and efficient manner.

As a property manager, you need to maintain a language in your rental leases that is easy to comprehend to avoid misunderstandings in the long-run.

Maintain Professionalism

Maintaining professionalism gives the impression that you are in control and responsible in managing the property the tenant has rented. It also gives tenants the impression that if issues arise, they will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

To convey professionalism, property managers must:  

  • Make sure to appear well-groomed in professional attire.
  • Practice the art of small talk, and refrain from getting off subject
  • Be available or make others available to answer tenant request, complaints, and needs on a 24/7 basis.

Provide Notice to Tenants for Entry

There are times you will need to enter the tenant’s apartment to inspect or make repairs as a property manager. While this is legal, it is best to provide written and posted notice to tenants 24 or 48 hours before the entry is to take place.

Warning your tenants prior to entering their unitis is both courteous and professional. This makes tenants feel that they are respected and are able to maintain private lives away from the prying eyes of their property manager.

However, in cases of emergencies, a property manager can enter a rental property at any time without a notice in order.

Stay Organized in Managing Your Property

Setting up a detailed way to monitor and keep your properties managed correctly is important. This allows you to stay on top of everything and keep tenants happy as a result.

Here are some of the things you can do to organize your property management business:

  • Maintain a sense of order and organization in your tenant-property manager relationship.
  • Maintain a quick response time, commit to addressing repair issues within 24 hrs of reporting.
  • Set up an online rental payment option to avoid the trouble of checks and bank deposits.
  • Have an open door policy for tenants to voice their concerns and complaints

Remember, an organized property manager promotes easy cooperation and keeps your tenants happy in their rental.

Repairs and Maintenance

To stay on top of repairs you should consider having a contractor or handyman available for tenant needs. Once the tenant moves in, a property manager is required to make repairs and conduct maintenance. To do this efficiently it is best to set up a schedule with tenants regarding the best time to complete required maintenance when needed.

A good property manager makes sure a rental property is in habitable condition and is not in need of any repairs. To maintain properties in the best condition it is suggested to schedule weekly or monthly inspections to maintain the property.

Get a Free Initial Legal Review

Having your rental lease agreement reviewed by legal experts will help you avoid any issues or legal challenges in the future.

Issues between the property manager and the tenant can cause a significant amount of disruption and dispute. That’s why when conflicts arise, it’s important to understand your rights. Having the lease agreement reviewed legally can help to avoid future misunderstandings and legal issues.

Final Thoughts on Property Manager’s Guide to an Outstanding Tenancy Services

Customer service is a priority in every business, and it shouldn’t be different for property management.

Property managers are responsible for a lot of things – from screening tenants, rent collection, property maintenance and so on. However, central to all this is the ability to provide outstanding tenancy services. In this article, we discussed various ways to make a property manager excel in providing tenancy services.  

An outstanding property manager maintains good communication with their tenants. This means responding in a timely manner to messages, regardless of the concern. It is also important to maintain professionalism during interactions to make tenants feel that they are in good hands.

Being able to keep organized is also crucial. This allows you to stay on top of things and not overlook any issues or concerns that have been brought up by tenants. Addressing tenants’ needs and wants is a sure fire way to keep them happy.

Remember, giving outstanding tenancy services is your main goal. Happy clients mean more business, and more business means more success!

If there’s anything you need to know, leave it in the comment section below.




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ARTICLE: Property Manager’s Guide To An Outstanding Tenancy Services

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