“Factors That Affect Your Commercial Office Space for Rent”

Are you having a hard time getting the attention of potential tenants?

The commercial office space for rent is the home of a commercial tenant’s business.

It’s then no surprise then that great care and consideration is put in when making a decision about it. This space will affect their business’ daily operations, staff morale, and overall brand image.

If you’re having a hard time getting the attention of new tenants, then improvements are needed to the property to entice them. Your commercial office space for rent might be lacking in some of the aspects that they are looking for.

However, before you splurge your money on upgrades and renovations, you must consider what factors affect your commercial office space for rent.  In this article, we will discuss these factors and how they can influence your property’s market value.

Commercial Office Space for Rent Factors to Consider

Whether you’re starting a rental business or already managing an existing one, knowing the factors that affect your property is important. This will help you make the needed improvements to your commercial office space for rent to increase attention from potential tenants.


The location of the commercial office space for rent greatly affects the tenant’s business. Because foot traffic is important for a business, it’s imperative that the property must be in or near a city.

The property needs to be easily accessible to your tenants and their clients. Often, the preferred office space for most tenants are the ones near other commercial establishments.

While you can’t change the location of your property, you can still make upgrades and improvements to its physical appearance. This is one way to make your property stand out in an area.  

Amount of Rent

Office spaces with lower rent are often viewed as low-quality properties. However, setting a price that is too can might also prove to be a financial risk to the tenant.

To determine the correct amount to charge for rent, evaluate the rental market in your area. Study the rent rate of other commercial properties near your commercial office space for rent.

Doing market research helps you determine if your rental prices are too low or too high. Cheap rent can cause you to lose profits, while an expensive one can drive potential tenants away.

Think of these when setting the amount of your rent. The following will help you determine the right amount of rent for your commercial office:

  • Can my tenants afford to pay a three-month rent deposit on my office?
  • Should I give my tenants hidden costs?
  • Is my rent similar to other commercial office space for in our area?
  • Does the building, amenities offered in the building give enough value to the business considering renting the commercial space?


The size of the property is an important point to factor in. Office employees need more space and more amenities to keep them satisfied in a commercial building.

The size of the commercial office space is also a factor in determining the amount of rent. Usually, an office space offers 70 square feet per person. The rent for commercial office space for rent is normally charged using this sq./ft.

In some cases, tenants demand separate meeting rooms and recreational spaces. That’s why office spaces should have many amenities included in their rental costs. Amenities can include places for the employees to rest, eat their food, or meet with clients.


Office tenants want their rented office spaces to provide the essential needs of their business. The best way to attract tenants is to offer more amenities than the nearby building spaces in the vicinity.

An ideal office space for tenants offers useful amenities such as:

  • Reliable internet connection,
  • Recreational facilities,
  • Plenty of parking spaces,
  • Dining options,
  • Outdoor space,
  • Eco friendly options, and
  • Security measures.

When considering adding amenities to your commercial properties, you need to make sure you actually have the space to do so. There’s nothing worse than having a cramped office space. In addition to that, ensure that the property complies with the building codes in the area.


Some businesses look for rental properties that are in correlation with their brand’s image. The appearance of your commercial property should match your preferred tenants. Business tenants usually rent a stylish commercial office for rent that they feel clients would like to go to.

Prefer posting outdoor and indoor pictures of your commercial property when you’re advertising it. This is needed to showcase the spaces or amenities that sets your property apart from competitors.  

Final Thoughts About Factors That Affect Your Commercial Office Space for Rent

In this blog post, we talked about how to get more tenants for your commercial space for rent.  We discussed what you can do to help attract more, quality tenants to rent your commercial space.

Since the office is where employees spend most of their days, and is the heart and soul of every business. For this reason, business owners take immense care in choosing a commercial space for rent. This space will house their daily operations, make or break employee morale and welcome clients on a regular basis.

If you are not attracting enough potential clients, then further marketing or renovations are needed.

Usually, business tenants will choose an office space that’s in a good location and has a competitive, fair rent. In addition to that, the size of the property and its appearance is another factor they consider.  Making the right adjustments and improvements to your property will make it the right choice for business tenants.

If you have a question or want to know more about commercial office space for rent, leave them in the comments below.




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ARTICLE: Factors That Affect Your Commercial Office Space For Rent

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