“Improve The Repairs Process in Your Rent Office Space Business”

Looking for ways to preserve the condition of your commercial property?

There are a lot of ways to keep the property in good condition. A common way of doing so is by handing over responsibilities of property repair and maintenance to tenants.

This is particularly effective for property managers, with a lot of properties to look after, cannot attend to every issue that arises immediately.

In order to avoid the hassle of frequent repairs, implement an efficient maintenance process between yourself and your tenants. There are five essential precautions you can implement in your repairs and maintenance process.

In this article, we will discuss the five essential precautions you can follow to maintain the structural integrity and appearance of your commercial property. Doing so can prevent potential problems in the future when tenants rent office space and help you avoid spending a huge amount of money.

Enhance Your Rent Office Space Business‘ Repair Process

With a renewed surge in today’s market and an increase in a number of businesses looking to fulfill the needs of customers, the commercial property management industry is a far cry from simple building maintenance as it was before. It is no longer simply about maintaining business, but generating new business and finding the best commercial tenants to rent property too.

This makes ensuring that commercial properties are attractive and in top condition a priority for property managers that rent office space to commercial businesses. Securing the satisfaction of existing tenants and interest of potential renters can be made possible by implementing a proper repair and maintenance process.

5 Efficient Steps to Implement in Your Repairs Process

To keep your commercial property in good condition, consider handing out some repair and maintenance responsibilities to your tenants. The best way to do this is to detail in the commercial lease the specific responsibilities for you and your tenants that were agreed to at lease signing. Ensure that both parties are aware of their own responsibilities by including a clause in the lease agreement and making sure that it the responsibilities detailed are agreed to prior to signing the lease agreement. Constant communication and inspection can also prevent minor issues from becoming major headaches in the long-run as well as implementing a repair process can clear up any confusions.

The following are the five steps that you must implement to have an efficient repair process:

  • Orient Tenants of their responsibilities
  • Provide Self-Guidance
  • Require Verification of repairs
  • Implement time-stamp process for repairs
  • 24/7 communication and repairs

1. Orient Tenants of Their Responsibilities

Improve Repairs Process in Your Rent Office Space BusinessPrior to signing their lease, tenants must be informed about their responsibilities as stated in the lease agreement. Clarifying and explaining the terms set out in the lease agreement avoids lengthy and avoidable discourse or complaints. A clear understanding of the responsibilities of both sides will result in a good relationship and stress-free tenancy.

When creating a lease agreement, it’s advisable to write the tenants’ minor responsibilities that may include, but not limited to:

  • Cleaning and preventing molds and mildew
  • Cleaning the office space
  • Changing broken lightbulbs
  • Garden maintenance (if there is one)
  • Cleaning and repairs to carpets
  • Replacing worn-out wall coverings
  • Keeping the bathroom and kitchen fixtures clean and maintained

2. Provide Self-Guidance

Provide several phone numbers of handyman or contractors to your tenants. It’s important to provide them with the necessary tools and resources that will help them handle their own responsibilities. Discussing the importance of addressing repair issues promptly will prevent maintenance tasks from turning into bigger issues.

If you are using a property management software you can include all recommended repair agents as well as contractors numbers and information.

The lease agreement and rental guides provided by the property managers to the should contain step-by-step guides to help tenants understand simple procedures that must be taken when repairs or maintenance is required at the property.

3. Require Photo/Video Footage for Any Repairs Issue/s

Many rental businesses are utilizing present technology to make reporting and addressing repairs easier. Sharing videos and images of repairs needed will allow you to see and understand the problem in real-time. Having a picture or video immediately sent instead of waiting for you to visit and evaluate the repair or issue can help in cutting down response and repair times to address the issues. This enables you to determine the requirements for the repair process as soon as you are notified cutting down significant time to order repairs.

At the same time, this will help you decide the appropriate contractor to handle the issue. Since the contractor will be able to see the actual appearance of the repair needed, it will be easier for them to plan how to go about it.

4. Timestamp All Calls or Inquiries Improve Repairs Process in Your Rent Office Space Business

Property managers have to make sure that every document relating to the tenancy such as forms, reports, and repairs are time stamped. These will serve as protection from a tenant’s complaints as well as document your diligence in making repairs once they are identified. Normally repairs and maintenance issues should be addressed within 24hrs of reporting.

Timestamping your documents and communication with a tenant provides a thorough audit trail and paper trail. It’s important should any rental or lease agreement disputes.

5. Have a 24/7 Service

To manage a rental business effectively, it’s important to develop a system that requires property managers and tenants to report and address repairs 24/7.

The property is the rental business’s biggest asset. It’s crucial for a rental property business to have a system for urgent repairs and maintenance. If repairs are not immediately conducted, then they could turn into major issues that will eventually decrease the property’s value.

At the same time, it gives tenants confidence and peace of mind that they are protected. Having a 24/7 monitoring and repair services also allows tenants to immediately report any urgent and major issues.

Benefits of Using a Repairs and Management Software Improve Repairs Process in Your Rent Office Space Business

Consider investing into repairs and management software that will allow property managers and tenants to report and address repairs promptly. Having a software will give you all the tools you need for an efficient repairs process. Below are some of the benefits that come with using a repairs and maintenance software:

An Effective Tool for Managing Repairs

Most repair and maintenance software use automated reporting sensors and systems. These features easily and affordably monitor repair issues when they arise at the commercial property, even if the property manager is away from the property.

When repair issues are identified by systems and software, property managers are assisted in the following aspects of the repair process:

  • Guiding tenants to resolve easy-fix issues.
  • Having an initial 24/7 reporting stage to resolution.
  • Providing property managers and contractors with pictorial evidence.
  • Keeping agents compliant through comprehensive time and date stamping.
  • Providing desired contractors or repair agents contact information

Provides a Self-Guidance Advice for Tenants

A good repair and maintenance software provides the tenants with guidelines to resolve any minor repair issues. The software would also remind tenants about their responsibilities of upkeep and maintenance.   

In case of a major repair issue, the software can advise the tenants to take all the right steps to prevent the issue from getting worse which will incur costly damage to the property. When major repair issues arise it is best to detail in terms of the lease or rental agreement that these repairs must be approved by the property manager to complete. So in the cases of major repairs, the tenant will be required to work directly with property managers to complete repairs. This will help to prevent you from spending too much on fixing damages.

Faster and Reliable Fixes

All of the information that the property manager needs to share with contractors can be provided by the software. The reports needed for fixing the repair issue/s can also be programmed to be sent to the correct person. Information included are:

  • The make and model of appliances (if applicable)
  • The specific location of the issue
  • Photos of the problem.

Having all the necessary information in the report can help contractors prepare accordingly to minimize the time spent on repairing the issue.

Final Thoughts on Improving Repair Process in Your Rent Office Space Business

In this article, we determined that the repair and maintenance of the commercial property is one of the top priorities of a property manager. This is particularly the case if property managers allow tenants to rent office space.

Keeping your property in good condition makes it sufficient for your business tenants to stay in their rented property for a long time. This will be a win-win situation for both parties as both businesses will be able to guarantee a sustained revenue.

In order to ensure that the property remains in top shape, we discussed the five essential steps that must be included in an effective repair and maintenance process.

We also discussed using repair and maintenance software for your property to help you manage issues. Doing so can provide benefits such as: becoming aware of problems that arise as they happen; provide necessary information to be shared with contractors, and serve as a guide for tenants in order to resolve minor issues.

For any questions or clarifications, you may have about improving the repair process in your rent office space business, use the comment section below.




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ARTICLE: Improve The Repairs Process In Your Rent Office Space Business

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