“What You Need to Know about Apartment Bldg Management”

Stressed with handling the responsibilities that come from being a property manager?

Maintaining a multi-story building could be stressful, particularly if you’re in the apartment bldg management (or building management) business.

With multiple tenants to take care of, a property manager faces numerous challenges in keeping up with the daily responsibilities and challenges.

In this article, we will discuss the challenges of apartment bldg management, how they can be managed successfully.  

Managing the Challenges of Apartment Bldg Management

Being a property manager for an apartment building means attending to more than just one tenant. The more tenants the apartment has, the more needs you will have to deal with. The failure to do so could result in numerous potential legal disputes.

Before we start discussing how to handle the problems and challenges that come with apartment bldg management, it is important to understand what apartment bldg management is.

Apartment Bldg Management

Apartment bldg management means dealing with the various tasks and duties to keep the apartments or property in good condition and the owner and the tenants satisfied. The management of an apartment building should be smoothly run like any other business. The property manager must ensure that the client-tenant living experience continuously improves, whilst minimizing costs and increasing profit opportunities.

Apartment Bldg Management Defined

Apartment bldg management is the process of managing an apartment building. This includes financially maintaining and developing the complex to be a source of investment for the owner. Bldg management also includes completing and executing all the tasks and responsibilities that would allow the building to operate in a profitable and efficient manner.

The property manager normally handles all the tasks and duties to run the apartment property’s daily operation. They keep everything running efficiently and make sure that the apartment looks attractive to make it more appealing to tenants. In maintaining and keeping the apartment building in excellent condition helps the property increase its profitability.

Bldg management comes with a lot of challenges and requires expertise to ensure that the 0bjective is being met. We will detail the major challenges to bldg management in the next sections…

Challenges of Apartment Bldg Management and How to Manage Them

Depending on the structure of the building, apartment management can be very similar to managing a single family home. However, since the building holds multiple tenants, the challenges or problems that need to be dealt with tend to be more complex. Some of the most common challenges are the following

There are Multiple Tenants

Often apartments will have multiple tenants renting the unit. The more tenants you must communicate with and interact with can make the job of building management more difficult. Having multiple rentals per floor means dealing with multiple perspectives and complaints when issues arise. Regardless of the size of the property, the number of tenants that a property manager will be interacting with tend to be diverse. The more people you have living inside, the more needs, complaints, and requests you will need to oversee and resolve.

In some cases, you may find yourself acting as a mediator between the tenants living in multiple apartments fighting between themselves. When this happens, never hesitate to lay down the ground rules and exercise candor in solving the solution to the problem.

Consider Yourself As The HOA

As a building manager, it is your authority and decision that can make a situation resolve quickly or linger on causing more problems with tenants. Often it is best to consider yourself an HOA or the authority in resolving any and all matters that present at the apartment you are managing. Homeowners’ Associations or HOA are usually seen in a negative light, as they are deemed to be too strict and overbearing. If you’re managing the apartment building, then you can be considered as a member of the HOA. This gives you the right to impose penalties if a tenant is causing trouble as well as determine the final action or results when an issue arises at the apartment.

Collection Of Rent

Normally a major part of your job as an apartment manager is collecting monthly rents on time for the property manager or landlord. Collecting rent can bring a lot of stress. If you have a rental apartment building with multiple tenants, expect to exert a lot of effort for this particular task alone. Collecting rent from all your tenants can be tiresome and may cause you a lot of stress.

You’ll be lucky to have tenants who are paying their rent on time, as this can be considered a rare occurrence. To solve this problem, many rental businesses have started charging late fees and utilize an online system that let their tenants pay their rents online.


Another main challenge while managing an apartment is maintaining the building and making repairs in a timely manner when needed at the building. Maintaining multiple rented apartments is more complicated than managing the rental of a single-family home. Dealing with multiple units, people and issues mean dealing with a considerable amount of repairs to be done over a longer period of time. You may find yourself dealing with damaged appliances, leaks, bug infestations, and other problems that could occur in the rented property.

Attending to each of your tenant’s requests for repairs immediately is difficult and can be a hard task to keep track of. Fortunately, there now exist different cloud-based applications that can help you do just that. For those who would prefer to use something more simple, using a daily planner or an Excel program on a computer can do just the trick as well. Scheduling and keeping track of repairs and needs for the apartment building will allow you to hire and let you and your preferred repairmen easily access and complete needed repairs. Having online schedules or cloud-based programs to track repairs and needs for the apartment will allow you to manage the apartment from anywhere and also allow better response time to problems.

Local Laws And Regulations

A major responsibility as an apartment manager is to follow and meet any local laws and regulations required for the apartment rentals. Each state has different legal guidelines. Before you lay out the rules and policies on your apartment building, make sure to familiarize yourself with the local requirements first.

Avoid violating any rental laws that can lead you to numerous legal consequences. Consider talking to a lawyer about your lease or rental agreement with your tenants to ensure all local and legal standards are met in the rental contract. It would also be in your best interest to look through your state and city’s laws regarding multifamily housing and include any regulations or laws regarding these issues in your rental agreement.

Responsibilities In Apartment Bldg Management

Being an effective apartment bldg management boils down to maintaining the building and making sure the property is well-preserved and is a satisfactory place for tenants to live.

The property manager is responsible for ensuring that tenants that are satisfied with their rented apartment units. At the same time, the property manager needs to protect the interests of the property owner.

Below are some tips for better managing apartments to keep both parties content and happy.

Make A Routine Inspection

Conducting routine inspections of all the occupied apartment units will help you minimize costs by preventing major issues before they take place. Repairing small damages speedily will decrease the number of complaints.

Here are some basic guidelines to routine inspections to guarantee that properties will remain safe and well-maintained:

  • Always check that maintenance is performed regularly and safety issues are addressed immediately.
  • Survey vacant units to determine if there are any necessary repairs or improvements that should be done before advertising the vacancy.
  • Inspect each unit and see if it follows with local building codes as well as state and federal regulations.

To lessen your workload, allow a service provider into the apartment to do the necessary inspections and repairs for you.

Advertise Immediately When A Unit Is Empty

Once a tenant moves out of the rented property and you have cleaned and made sure the property is habitable, make sure to advertise the vacancy immediately.  Don’t let the vacant unit remain empty for a long time because it’ll result in loss of revenue. Part of your responsibility as the property manager is to ensure that the apartment building continues to make a profit and a major part of doing that is to make sure all apartments are occupied and paying rents.

Follow Local, Federal, And State Guidelines And Regulations

Before you advertise a vacancy on the apartment building, make sure that your marketing strategy adheres to federal and state guidelines for advertising. Check that ads are not discriminatory or in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Properties should not exercise discrimination towards anyone. At the same time, certain accommodations must be made for people with disabilities.

Do A Thorough Tenant Screening

Another important bldg management tip is to first develop and then do a thorough tenant screening process. Before approving a rental application, always check the credit and references of all prospective tenants. It’s advisable to choose applicants that have a good credit and positive references because these are signs of a good tenant.

Good tenants are often responsible enough to never skip out on rent payments. Keep in mind that unpaid and late rent payments would cause loss of revenue and this will bring down a rental business.

Clearly Spell Out The Agreement

When negotiating and signing the rental agreement make sure that all parties to the contract understand their responsibilities and terms to the contract. Make sure that you clearly spell out all the terms and responsibilities you included in your agreement. The content of the agreement will dictate how the property manager and tenant relationship will flow.

When issues arise while renting the unit, the rental contract is normally the legal document that will help to resolve the issue. If the tenant made a violation of the agreement, follow the agreed consequences or proceed to eviction if necessary. It’s also advisable to specify the responsibilities of both parties for repairs and maintenance of the rented unit in the lease agreement.

Before you finalize the agreement, make sure that the terms and clause written in the contract have followed the rental laws in your area.

Final Thoughts On Apartment Bldg Management

In this blog post, we discussed the challenges a property manager will encounter during whilst managing an apartment building.

Apartment bldg management can be stressful. Dealing with multiple tenants, collecting rent, attending to repair issues, and adhering to local rules and regulations for rental businesses is not an easy feat.

Luckily, there are certain undertakings that can be done to make it easier for you.

  • Make a routine inspection,
  • Advertise vacancy immediately,
  • Follow local laws, and
  • Conduct a thorough tenant screening process.

If you have questions about apartment bldg management, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below.  




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