“6 Tips For Choosing The Best Background Check Service”

Looking to find the best background check service for your rental property screening?

What makes a background check service the best among the rest?

Companies who offer background check service can be searched easily. A lot of these companies have websites that can be found on the internet. All you need is an internet connection and you can start your own research.

But… how can you find the best background check service among the list? With all those websites showing up on your search engine, choosing the one that will suit your needs takes time.

That’s why today I’ll talk to you about the six tips that can help you in choosing the best background check service.

How To Choose The Best Background Check Service

There are six tips that you need to remember when you start choosing a background check service. These tips are useful in finding the best background check service for your rental property business.

But… before knowing the six tips, let’s start with discussing what is a background check first.

What Is A Background Check Service

When sorting through applications for the property that you are renting you need to have a way to separate or differentiate applicants from other applicants to find the best most qualified to rent the property.

A background check is an investigation process that is commonly used by property management companies to search and compile any criminal records, commercial records, and financial records of an individual that is seeking to rent a property they are managing. Background checks results are used to confirm whether the information found on an employment or tenant application forms is true.

Additionally, the results from background checks allow you to sort or to find the most qualified tenants to rent the property you are advertising for rent.

There are numerous companies or agencies that offer tenant screening services online. It’s important for your property management business moving forward to find a reputable and efficient company that conducts background and credit checks on your prospective tenants.

Finding a quick, easy and reliable background check services will help you choose the right tenants and make your tenant screening process more convenient, faster and hassle free…

1. Know The Kind Of Service That You Want

Before conducting background checks on your prospective tenants you need to first determine the level and types of background checks you will require in helping you make the decision on who is the most qualified to rent the property. When going through this process, the first thing you should do is ask yourself what kind of service do you need. There are two distinct types of a background check service offered by online screening companies. One if a full-service background check and the other is a Do-It-Yourself or the DIY background check.

Online Background Check Service

Choosing a full-service background check means that you find a reputable and reliable online company that will do all the necessary investigation in your place. When using an online company there are rates and charges for each type of background check and report generated. You will have to decide if paying for the background search is the best way to conduct your tenant screening process.

Every online company will charge a specific amount for the service that they will provide. Some additional fees might be charged depending on how thorough you want the background check to be.

DIY or Do-It-Yourself Background Check

On the other hand, a DIY background check is where you are provided with instant results because you are doing it on your own through internet providers and search engines. When you decide to do it yourself you should be aware that there is a cost associated with this process as well. Each employee or your time to do the background check should be taken into consideration, as this time could be used more efficiently in managing your property management business.

Additionally, when DIY background checks you are very limited in the results you can find for free over the internet. Often you will run into pay for information sites and if you desire a credit check this service is always paid for information.

Due to the limited information you can find for free on the internet and the opportunity cost of using an employee to do the search, we highly suggest going with finding and using an online background checking service that gives you all the reports and information needed to complete the background screening process effectively…

2. FCRA Compliant

When evaluating online services for background checking you should make sure that the company you are using is FCRA compliant. The best background check service should be FCRA compliant which means they have past government requirements and they offer background check services that promote accuracy, fairness, and privacy for the data that they used.

A company that is FCRA compliant requires a written a consent from your applicant that proves that they allow you to do a background check on them. The written consent from the prospective tenant is needed to avoid any lawsuit for an doing illegal background check or complaints about discrimination or misusage of the disclosed information that is included in the results of the background checks.

Most companies that offer full-service background checks are FCRA compliant. But when it comes to DIY background check websites a thorough checking is required to ensure that they are FCRA compliant.

3. Ability To Find The Information You Need

When developing your background screening process for prospective tenants you should determine the types and levels of background reports you want to have for each tenant. Do you need credit reports, criminal reports, employment reports, past tenancy reports as all of these factor into the company that you will finally choose to do your background screening process?

When searching for companies online review the packages offered by companies or websites that provide background check services. Check their standard and extended package as well as customizable packages if they have any. You should look at how and where do these background check companies get the information that they are providing in the packages that they offer.

The best background check service should have their information directly from the source. For instance, a credit report should come directly from one of the 3 major credit bureaus TransUnion, Equifax, Experian as other credit agencies are not as complete or accurate with the tenant’s credit history. Additionally, you should make sure that companies look for records both online and offline sources. Online records such as criminal and sex offender records are more reliable when the information is direct from court records. Although information gathered online is still good, having information verified through the court system can also be more accurate.

4. Reasonable Price

Having a service provided to you conveniently almost always comes with a price. Background check companies will always offer its customers a flat fee for each of their service package. However, there may be additional costs depending on how detailed you want the background check to be.

Check thoroughly if the company or the website offering their service to you comes with reasonable price quotes. It’s not wrong to ask for a detailed price estimate. You need to know the cost breakdown for each of the background check service packages offered.

5. Good Turnaround Time

The best background check service should provide their results within 2 to 5 days. Getting a standard check does not take more than a couple of days for it to be done.

Be cautious if a company tells you that they can provide the result of their complete background check within 24 hours. That’s a red flag because, chances are, having these instant background checks may give you incomplete results.

6. Ease Of Usage

Make sure that company that you choose has a website that is user-friendly, especially when you decide to go for a DIY background check. The site should help you go through the whole process of checking your tenant’s background with ease.

The company or the website’s customer service should also be on-call. They should be able to help you and fix any problem that arises right away. The best background check service has a responsive and reachable customer service.

Final Thoughts On Tips For Choosing The Best Background Check Service

Finding the best background check service is easy as long as you follow six simple tips. In this blog, we talked about why being FCRA compliant is important when it comes to background check services. We also talked about the importance of where these background check companies and websites get their information. You also need to consider the length of time for getting the results and the ease of use when it comes to the company’s websites were tackled.

And that is just some of the six tips we talked about on this blog. I expect that this blog post has helped you.

Feel free to comment below with any questions or thoughts you may have.




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