“What Is A Background Check Florida All About?”

Planning to conduct a background check Florida state-based?

If you’re a property manager residing in Florida then you may be looking for specific ideas on how to conduct a rental background check for your state.  There are certain things that a property manager must know when it comes to Florida background checks.

That’s why today I want to share with you my tips on a background check Florida based so you can be properly prepared.

What To Know About Background Check Florida State

As a property management company, you could have multiple rentals or have multiple applications for each unit you are looking to rent.

Looking at a pile of rental applications you could be asking yourself what is the best and most efficient way to find the most qualified renter?

The best and most common way of sorting through a pile or rental applications is to run a series of background checks.  These checks can give you the needed information to find the most qualified renters to choose from. Background checks are commonly used by employers, lenders to determine if they want to hire the person or make a loan to that person. The type of information revealed when completing a background check can help you determine financial behaviors, past social and criminal histories and can help you identify the most qualified renters for your properties.

Additionally, using the background check reports to verify information provided on rental applications can help you in determining if a person is actually telling the truth or not. Verifying the truthfulness of a rental application is invaluable when determining who you would decide to rent the unit available for rent.

Every State has specific guidelines to follow when doing background checks, and Florida is no different. This article will begin to educate you as to what basics are needed when performing a background check in Florida.

Tenant Screening Is Important

When running background checks you will receive vital information to be reviewed in determining who you want to rent to. Part of the background check in Florida is doing criminal records check.

Criminal History

In the state of Florida criminal records returned per criminal requests tend to be higher compared to other states. Florida has many regions that have very high crime rates.

According to Florida Background Checks, 7% of the criminal requests in Florida returns with criminal records found. Having that kind of risk makes a background check Florida an important item to include in the background checks for potential renters.

Credit History

Many background checks you can choose from show credit histories as well. However, accepting someone just basing on his or her capacity to pay the rent is not enough. You might end up accepting someone who has an extensive criminal past, or possibly a sex offender, that can cause problems with other renters and people in the community where the rental is located.

Unfortunately accepting a bad renter for your rental could open you to legal problems and could possibly ruin your business, reputation in the community and cause damages to your properties.

Your Choices…

To avoid unqualified or problem renters to rent your property you must decide what you want to have included in reports to review when doing an extensive background check on prospective tenants.

Thorough tenant screening has become is a must when evaluating prospective renters against each other. This thorough screening process or background checking process helps you to separate eligible to non-eligible applicants.

Prior to deciding what background checks you want running on prospective tenants, you must first determine what information will help you in the decision process.

Understanding what you are looking for in a qualified tenant is the most important part of the background check process. When you receive reports on potential tenants, you can analyze if they have financial history and means to pay rents on time as well as if they are employed or also if they have a criminal past. Knowing this type of information is helpful for you and your business when deciding who to rent the property to.

Background checks access detailed information about your potential tenant and help you find gaps or red flags on a potential tenant’s information.

A Central Repository That Holds All Information

The state of Florida has a central repository or database that holds all information when it comes to criminal histories associated with the State of Florida. The Florida Department of Law and Enforcement has multiple databases that stores multiple criminal history information and these are accessible through the central repository site.

With the proper authorizations and information needed from prospective tenants, the Florida Department of Law and Enforcement will process your request to access the central repository database. After approval, you will gain access to criminal history records, and arrest records on any renter undergoing a background check for rental.

Florida Department of Law and Enforcement is also the one responsible for issuing a statewide- background check.

Tenant Screening Agencies

Like other States, Florida has a large amount of online background checking or screening companies available for hire. Since Florida has specific requirements in conducting background checks it is best to find and use a tenant screening agency that can do a Florida based background check.

Here are some agencies in the state of Florida that offer a tenant background check.


ApplyCheck is a family owned company that is based in Miami, Florida. The company is an authorized credit reporting agency with professional FCRA certified screeners.

If you’re worried about compliance of the reports provided, ApplyCheck will handle it for you. An identified “Hit” or red flag, on a credit report, will be reviewed by their professional FCRA certified screeners. Having FCRA screeners helps to ensure that the records found, both credit and criminal related are those of the actual applicant you are screening and can be reportable by Federal law.

ApplyCheck offers three screening packages for property managers:

1. Basic screening package

Offered at $19.95 covers a nationwide criminal search and has address history to verify places lived previously. It also verifies Social Security number. Includes searches for US sex offender, Interpol/terrorist, bankruptcies, liens, and judgments. There will also be a check against the listings of FBI/US marshals.

2. Core screening package

ApplyCheck’s most popular screening package for property managers. It is offered at $24.95. Includes all of the basic screening packages and includes a credit report and FICO score. Excluded are liens and judgments search.

3. Comprehensive screening package

This package is offered at $34.95 and it includes the Core screening package. There will also be an eviction record search included on this package.


StarPointTenantScreening is a company based in Pensacola, Florida. They have a Thawte Web Server Certificated website that helps in securing all the information you provide to them when doing background checks. The secure server also helps secure the payments you will make for your background checks. The website is protected with a 256-bit encrypted Secure Sockets Layer.  

They offer no membership fees, registration fees, monthly or yearly fees. You will only pay for the reports that you order. You get the reports immediately through their secure online ordering system. Reports will not take more than 3 days for them to complete.

The company’s tenant screening process offers credit reports, criminal reports, eviction reports, and Social Security number verification. All of which requires the following details in order to pull the reports:

  • Applicant’s full name
  • Applicant’s date of birth
  • Applicant’s Social Security number
  • Applicant’s current address

Apart from the ones stated above,  StarPointTenantScreening also offers the following for your tenant screening needs:

  • A state and national criminal reports offered at $8.95 and $14.95.
  • A state and national eviction reports offered at $8.95 and $9.95. Both of which includes a previous addresses report for free.
  • Identification/Social Security number verification report for $5.95.
  • Employment verifications priced at $9.95.
  • Landlord verifications priced at $9.95.


AtlanticScreening is also a company that offers background check Florida based. Currently located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The company provides extensive tenant screening services.

The following are tenant screening services offered by AtlanticScreening:

  • a tenant background check
  • 24/7 automated and instant completion time (most reports)
  • tenant credit check
  • volume discount pricing & custom packages available
  • level 1 background check
  • level 2 background screening
  • level 3 background screening
  • no monthly minimum or annual membership fees

The Level 1 background check is a multi-state database super search. It has an instant multi-state national database criminal search that includes the following:

  • Nationwide Sexual Predator
  • Terrorist Watch List
  • OFAC/USA Patriot Act
  • FBI Most Wanted
  • Credit Report
  • Eviction Search

Certain states like Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and South Dakota are not included in this search. But a county criminal search can be added if the previous addresses of the applicant are from one of these states.

The Level 2 background screening is a full tenant background screening. It’s a statewide database criminal search that includes the following:

  • State Sexual Predator
  • Terrorist Watch List
  • BI Most Wanted
  • Credit report with eviction and public records
  • Employment verification
  • Residence verification
  • Eviction search
  • Credit score

The Level 3 background screening is also a full tenant background screening. It has the same inclusions as the level 2. But it’s an instant multi-state national database criminal search

AtlanticScreening also offers Quick App that can save you the time for entering data of your applicants. All you need to do is to enter the applicant’s email address into their system, choose the products that you want for the screening process and hit send.

Your applicant will then receive a link to complete the following:

  • His or her authorization.
  • Allowing the background check.
  • Fills in all personal data (fully secure).
  • Acknowledge all EEOC, FCRA, and state of residence disclosure.

Final Thoughts On What To Know About Background Check Florida State

Background check Florida based is an important process for tenant screening when you are located in that state. A property manager cannot simply accept a tenant based on his or her capacity to pay today. It’s important that you do a background check before deciding to accept a tenant.

I’ve provided three Florida based companies that offer tenant screening for property managers. It’s up to you which among these companies will fit your tenant screening needs.

If you have any questions, please add them to the comments below.




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ARTICLE: What Is A Background Check Florida All About?

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