“How to Execute a Free Online Background Check”

Ever consider doing a background check online for your tenants?

There are plenty of ways to do a background check. One of the convenient ones is doing it online.

It’s easy. It’s hassle free!

A background check done online is very beneficial for landowners. It saves time and it is a very useful skill to have.

If you’re worried you won’t get it right away or if it sounds sketchy for you then I am here to help. Today I’m going to talk to you about how to run an online background check.

Running a Free Online Background Check

Normally to do a complete online background check you will have to pay for an online service.

However, depending on how much time and effort you want to spend on doing a background check, there are different unconventional ways of doing a free online background check.

You read it! It’s totally free…

So if you’re still worried that an online background check won’t be useful for you, you better think twice… right now!

Isn’t that a very convenient way? If you’re a landowner then you might as well continue to read on.

So let’s start!

The Basics First On How To Do A Free Background Check

Having it free means you got to have certain information already at hand. It won’t work if you don’t know these details. Gather this data and you’re one step at running an online background check.

The Basics Of A Free Online Background Check

All these can be found in the rental application form of your tenant. Make sure you have this information before running a background check online.

  • Name
  • Old addresses (rental history)
  • Employers (past and present)
  • Credit history
  • List of reference

Your Tenant’s Name

Why is this needed? Well, you won’t start with anything if you don’t even know who you are searching for. It’s an important piece of information to have. You’ll easily know whether your tenant is faking his or her identity.

The Tenant’s Old Addresses

A tenant’s history of address will be a good basis. You can know whether a tenant has multiple addresses. You can also know if the tenant continuously changed locations frequently.

Employers the Tenant Had

As a landowner, it’s only wise to have this information. This will help you determine whether the workplace he had or has is really existing or not.

Credit History of the Tenant

This piece of information is a bit tedious. You need to provide the tenant a form before you can have his credit details. This form is proof that the tenant is allowing you to do a credit check.

The Tenant’s List of Reference

A list of reference will tell you more about what type of personality your potential tenant has. It can also help identify if he had a bad history or any lifestyle that the tenant doesn’t want to admit.

Tenant’s List Of Social Media Accounts

In order for you to do your free online background check, you need to ask for the applicant’s social media user id’s. That will help you be able to identify their social media channels quickly (assuming they tell you about all their channels…)

Your work will be easier if you have these details. It can also maximize your time on doing a background check.

Searching Through Useful Sites

As part of completing a free online background check, you need to utilize all online sources to determine what works best for your business.

Are you aware of or know any sites that provide a free online background check?

Believe it or not many of these sites available are already in your web browser just waiting to be utilized.

Let me explain further…

The most commonly used websites for doing a free online background check are your very own social media networks. But first, you got to see the list I have.
Here are the following:

  • Google
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Official government website
  • Free online background check sites


Google helps with the overall free online background check of the information you have about your tenant. Search in your tenant’s name or any information. But this may take a while due to people having the same name.

Type in additional information like the previous address the tenant had and any other self-defining information you can find on the application. You can also search previous company employers along with the tenant’s name. Any mixture of information may help you as you go.

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is also a good site to find any discrepancy regarding your tenant’s information. Just keep in mind of the possibilities like same name-same location social media accounts.

There are also cases where these social media profiles are not public. You may have to send a message request or a friend/follow request. In some cases, all information is already publicized in their social media accounts. Adding a section to your rental agreement that asks for social media accounts eliminates the need to ask for any additional authorizations from the possible renter.

You can also search for the references of the tenant through these sites. Be polite, without sounding very suspicious as you ask them information about the tenant that you have. Remember, they also know who you are asking details about.


Linkedin is a good site for doing a background check about you tenant’s employer, place of work, and employment history. If your tenant has this you can easily find references for previous works that your tenant had. You’ll then know if you have the correct information that your potential tenant has given to you.

Official Government Websites

Official government websites are sites where you can do a background check on your rental applicant for criminal records. The catch here is that not all states may give you access to criminal records or history of criminal offense.

Make sure you dig deep. Use your tenant’s previous and current address when you start searching on official government sites. The National Center for State Courts’ site may also be a big help for you. Just provide your tenant’s information and you’ll get access to any criminal record about the tenant.

Free Online Background Check Sites

Free online background check sites are available to help you. The key is, will you trust how thoroughly you can review tenants using these sites? There are a lot of sites that will help you for free. This depends on the thoroughness of the background check that you want.

Many will require you to first subscribe to the site for free.

Here are some sites that will help you run a background check online:

Time Is Money

So you just learned how to conduct a free online background check. The process will probably take a couple hours per tenant…

Is your time worth it when you can just spend less than $10 to get a score on your rental applicant? I recommend going with Top1Score because their tenant scoring pricing starts at $5 an applicant.

Final Thoughts on Running a Free Online Background Check

When you are screening a new tenant make sure you know how to do a background check properly. An online background check can help you do the job without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

It may be sketchy at first but there are plenty of sites that can help you do it.

I hope this blog helps you further understand how you can do an online background check.




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